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  • OgbeniDipo

    This is about the education sector which I am passionate about. If anyone on political Twitter wants to read politi……

    27th May @ 03:00
  • rachel_joyy

    20 important sexual education points it would have been really cool to learn in a high school sex ed class:

    26th May @ 13:23
  • PfP4SA

    "Nothing matters in the life of a nation as much as education. If you look at history, the societies that have succ……

    27th May @ 08:00
  • MichelleRempel

    Nearly 1B people have to defecate in the open. Education on basic sanitary practices and access to sanitation facil……

    27th May @ 08:10
  • Para_glider69

    Yet an untrained unemployable person who can’t even speak the language can arrive in the UK with 3 wives and 11 kid……

    27th May @ 06:41
  • NatGeoTravel

    This first-of-its-kind team, made up of nearly all women, believe the war on poaching will not be won with guns and……

    27th May @ 07:00
  • GabrielaYukito

    Graduate, get a job, make your parents proud of you and then we'll talk about the marriage. The ring could wait, education comes first.

    17th May @ 21:24
  • neilmorton

    Stoked to be speaking alongside my @studio_ptbo partner @codmay at @OntarioSPCA Education Conference 2018 on Monday……

    27th May @ 06:38
  • KGeorgieva

    My grandparents had very little education. My parents finished high school. I was the first in my extended family t……

    25th May @ 06:30
  • ArvindKejriwal

    So u agree that Del govt doing great work in education? Who benefitted when u removed Atishi Marlena? If u stop c……

    27th May @ 06:54
  • er_anandupadhya

    #VaastavMeeting In education seats are reserved for women and this educational women are demanding maintenance and……

    27th May @ 03:22
  • razonater

    What's the point of single gender schools? What good is education if it doesn't even teach you how how to coexist?

    26th May @ 05:35