Call for Research Papers / Articles -- Samwaad:e-Journal [ ISSN: 2277-7490 (Online) ] Vol 7 Issue 2 : Sept 2018 --- UGC Approved Journal (No. 43801) --- Volume 7 Issue 1 : March 2018 Released

|| Samwaad e-Journal (ISSN 2277-7490) International Refereed (Peer Reviewed) Journal of Education ||

Call for Research Papers / Articles for Volume 7 Issue 2, Release Date : September 2018

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About Samwaad e-Journal (SeJ)

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  • SeJ is an open access, peer-reviewed, Online International Journal.
  • Sej  had started in 2012 with two issues per year (Biannual).
  • SeJ had successfully  issued 7 Volumes ( 14 Issues till date).
  • SeJ had record of publishing Journal regularly, on-time (March & September)
  • SeJ is indexed in ISI, IIFS, Index Copernicus International & DRJI.
  • SeJ is having ISSN no 2277 - 7490 & hosted on .
  • SeJ had publication Impact factor 4.002 for year 2017 by I2OR.
  • SeJ provides Hard Cerification to the eligible authors, along with URL


 7th Foundation Year

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Beacon of Samwaad

Samwaad pays tribute to the great architect of the idea of dialogue in education, Professor B.K.Passi, the divine spirit; the guiding light of Samwaad and for the entire academia. Continuous efforts of Prof. Passi to endow with a dialogue based, interactive, knowledge sharing educational society will always be the source of our inspiration. 

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