Profile of Dr. (Ms) Subhashini Passi 

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Dr. (Ms.) Subhashini Passi works as an Expert in Creative and Critical Thinking. She is an erudite scholar, an accomplished dramatist, a charismatic speaker, and an experienced management consultant in behavioral sciences. Having provided wide consultancy to diverse organizations for nearly three decades she has attained international excellence. Her selflessness and spontaneous outpouring of concern has brought appreciation. As the Director of the Institute of Creative Thinking, she has displayed dedication and leadership in organizing more than 750+ programs in various fields in many countries. Dr. (Ms.) Subhashini Passi helps many other institutions in different capacities. Apart from this, she is a Reiki master, yoga practitioner and a meditator. She was educated in Allahabad, Hyderabad, Indore and Athens-USA.

Currently, she is running the Samanvaya group for youth development.