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I heartily congratulate the people associated with “Samwaad” for upholding the noble cause and continuing their quest for promoting technique of Dialogue in the field of education.

Dialogue is an old technique. It has gained a new place in Teaching, Learning and Researching. This technique of Dialogue has evolved in new forms and approaches. Hundreds of AIAER and other international delegates have contributed for its evolution over different kinds of environment and diverse kinds of purposes.

I remember one of the interesting environments where we studied the utility of dialogue in difficult and challenging environment. We wanted to study whether the dialogue can withhold the involvement of delegates in spite of physical discomforts. We designed a very special kind of discomfort. We were doubtful whether our participants would be supportive about the idea or not?

Nevertheless, many partners of dialogue believe our experiments are useful and enjoyable.Dialogue is useful in many kinds of formal, non formal and informal settings. In dialogue one tries to examine our prejudices, restrictive belief systems, non productive mental models etc. This is achieved by deep listening and willingness for creating a culture that searches the Truth like Gandhi, Compassion like Buddha, Peace like Mohammad and Love like Jesus

Come, lets experiment & switch to “Dialogue” mode ………



                                                                                                                                          - Prof. B.K. Passi

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