Profile of Prof. R. Balasubramanian

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Mr R. Balasubramanian , having obtained his basic degree in education in 1964, from M.S. University of Baroda , Vadodhara taught in Holy Name High School, Colaba, Mumbai for more than twenty five years, but for his stint as research assistant in the U.G.C sponsored Research Project on Revaluation in Indian Universities in the department of Education, University of Bombay, Mumbai under Dr Mrs.Prathiba Deo, the project director and Prof and Head of the department. He had obtained his masters degree in Education in 1973 from University of Bombay, Mumbai, prior to his tenure as research assistant from 1977 to 1980. He had the good fortune of having stalwarts like Dr S. N. Mukkerji, Dr M.S. Patel, Dr D.M. Desai, Dr B. P. Lulla, Prof G. B. Shah, as his teachers in Faculty of Education and Psychology , M. S. University and was greatly inspired by Prof S. C. Parikh in teaching of Science. During his tenure as research assistant he had the opportunity to interact with great educationists of the time and was assigned to teach Advanced Educational Psychology , Advanced Educational Statistics for the M. Ed. Classes. He was also assigned to help students guided by Prof Deo in their research projects and dissertations.

He became a life member of B. A. S. E and participated in its many activities As Teacher Educator in Pushpanjali College of Education (run by Our Lady of Grace Convent of Carmelite sisters) , Vasai near Mumbai he promoted and encouraged innovative methods in teaching in general and science and mathematics teaching in particular. Through the subject Sociological bases of Education he sought to promote thinking on social issues.

He became a member of AIAER in 2000 and has been attending all the annual conferences and other conferences by AIAER and other bodies.

He became interested in ‘Dialogue’ as inspired by Prof Passi and is currently associated with him along with other researchers in promoting dialogue as a device for teaching, research and paper presentations. He had prepared and presented papers on the theme in the conferences and seminars in which he participated. He has also assisted Prof Passi in work shops conducted by him on ‘Dialogue’ and ‘Learning Communities’.