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It's my immense pleasure to pen down a few words for my first attempt as learner of Dialogue. Education is always an agent of social change to promote new knowledge, new values and new ways of improving the human conditions. Teachers run the system of social change and innovations like dialogue will help them to explore the knowledge. Dialogue means common idea of communication or I may interpret it as “samwada”. “Language” makes a man a social creature and communication has been the part of human development with the association of Dialogue. Vedic & Buddhist Education System Indicate the process of “tarka & “shastratha” for knowledge. Process of Dialogue indicates a group of practice involves members who share a vocabulary and work with similar tools, and will tend to function collaboratively for learning. Dialogue consists to a constructivist approach and it helps building learning enterprises.

Here we are with this new idea for all learners for a dialogic future. This site will provide sufficient material to appreciate new Educational method in proper perspectives. This attempt has been made to include the different views of researchers, teachers and for different thoughts on education. I am feeling proud to be associated with this piece of knowledge. Your valuable suggestions are expected!.



- Dr. Anshu Mathur




Profile of Dr. Anshu Mathur